I left handsome stud Jeremy Tyler, who came all the way from New York, with two muscled top fuckers, Devin Draz and Roman Rivers. Oh my god, did the boys make a mess….

The three guys start off by retelling each other sweaty, dirty stories about the people they would really like to fuck, and what tricks they usually use to bring them into the bedroom.

When we told Jeremy that he’s soon going to become sandwiched between two aggressive and muscular tops has only made him even hornier than he was, so he starts rubbing Devin’s crotch through his pants, during which time Roman scrutinizes Jeremy.

Devin is as loud and aggressive motherfucker as he’s always been and he rudely tears apart his shirt and gives orders that his swollen nipples are to be sucked without delay. Soon Jeremy manages to set Devin’s hard cock free, and it slaps against Devin’s hard abs. Jeremy quickly takes that hot cock into his mouth while Devin uses the opportunity to thrust viciously upwards, fucking his poor uvula like he were a kickboxer training for a big upcoming fight.

Jeremy then turns to Roman taking his amazing big fuckstick all the way to the nether depths of his throat, and also gives thorough sucking and licking to Roman’s swollen balls.

Devin slams into Jeremy’s super-tight asshole and fucks him very brutally, just destroying every hint that that ass has ever been a man-virgin ass.

Roman now bangs Jeremy’s gaping hole with his massive schlong, and Devin stands above him sliding his iron-hard weapon into Jeremy’s throat. Now that really made Devin more horny than he was, and he now wants to fuck more man ass.

Devin pushes again his fuck stick into Jeremy, it now enters quite easily after the two tops have stretched it properly.

Both fuckers cum onto Jeremy’s face, thus ending this amazingly hot fucking session in their characteristic style – complete submission of the bottom person. But Jeremy enjoyed it a lot.


Short preview video:

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