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Both studs cummed copiously. “You got a lot of cum on your face… Whose cum is it… yours?”

“More than likely,” Pierce replied.

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Six loads of cum is a lot to take, especially your first time, and Colt Waters knows it! Colt is nervous and worried. The gang of guys circle quickly, surrounding him, like sharks with a taste for fresh blood. They chime in, saying that they’ll take good care of Colt. Laughter and taunting erupts overhead as the camera zooms in on Colt’s face. He obviously hasn’t been put at ease. And who could blame him? This cock-packing team of horny bastards came here to get off, and they’re not leaving til Colt is wearing every last drop of their cum on his face! Ryan Lynch starts the shit talking immediately, letting Colt know that it’s time to start sucking dick. Christopher only adds to the taunting, towering over everyone with his rocket, ready, in hand. Max Morgan is more interested in having his cock sucked than making conversation. While Philip, Troy, and Brent look about as patient as wolves with steak knives! These boys waste no time, and aren’t shy about tossing their clothes off. All the better for Colt to get a good look at what they’re packing, close up and personal! Colt goes in for Ryan first, because as we all know, the squeeky wheel gets the first blowjob.

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Oh shit… today we really made a mess. And it was fucking awesome. You see, the three of us buddies in this dorm are sexual maniacs, so when we heard that a young bearded bottom boy will be visiting us, we already knew what we would do.

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It’s early morning in the dorm and all my mates are nursing a hangover from the previous crazy day. Oh well. But besides the hangover we also find out that almost all of us also have morning wood so strong that it just won’t go away!

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