Young, very handsome and surprisingly hung stud Gabriel was fucking around with Dominic, a bit more mature, manly and studly motherfucker. They were so into each other that they couldn’t wait for the official shoot but instead went behind the house and started to get all hot and horny!

Watch and enjoy these two muscular and masculine hunks sucking each other off, and then how Gabriel fucks Dominic senseless until both shoot massive loads of hot sticky sperm on each other’s cocks and bodies!



Short preview video:

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Ever since Gabriel Shams first appeared on Randy Blue I knew immediately that I wanted to get him in a scene with Chris Rockway. Some guys I like to ease into things. Maybe do a toy video, maybe be part of a circle jerk or an extra solo. Not Gabriel, he hit the ground running and I wanted to keep up. He had told me while we were doing his first video that he had a bit of a crush on Chris and with all that sexual energy just waiting to be released I figured I should jump at the opportunity to put these two hot studs together. Chris wasted no time pouring on the charm and Gabriel was all too happy to give it right back to him.

They were barely undressed when Chris started working on his huge dick, going down on him with his talented mouth and deep throat. He then started jerking him off with such intensity that I thought he might shoot too early and ruin the scene, but it was evident in the devilish spark in his eye that he knew what he was doing. That simple act sent Gabriel into overdrive and knowing that this was for you guys more than him, he kept himself from coming.

Of course, this meant that not only was he horny from being with such a hot guy like Chris Rockway, he was now like a crazed beast who was craving cock like no other. He gave Chris such a blowjob that his eyes glazed over for a bit and he was totally lost.

I don’t know if either one of them had ideas about running the scene because by this point they were both so horned up that they had to 69 because neither one wanted to stop sucking or getting sucked. They finally broke away so Gabriel could go down on Chris and send him into a sexual ecstasy. He returns the favor by not only giving Gabriel’s cock all the attention it deserves but also taking his sensitive balls into his mouth, making him moan uncontrollably. This sends him over the edge and he can no longer hold back. He shoots a nice creamy load all over Rockway’s chest, causing him to shoot his own load, adding to the mixture.

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