Derek is a very rude, strong and horny soldier who wanted to get his rocks off at a nearby farmhouse. He found a shelter in this farmhouse so why not dump his load as well?

Pastor’s son Martin could hardly believe what has happened because it all went so fast. One moment he was offering this big burly soldier his place as a shelter and the next moment he is on his all fours being forced to swallow the soldier’s huge stiff dick!

"Lick it, bitch, and don’t forget my balls!" Martin hears from soldier Derek while he’s gasping for air as that huge dick fills his entire mouth and throat. His lips are touching Derek’s military uniform while he’s gagging on the huge soldier’s pole.

After some time the soldier forcefully drags the boy outside and ties the boy to the tree. The boy thought he had a chance to escape but the soldier keeps him firmly with his strong hands and arms and there’s really no way to escape.

The soldier strips the boy naked and exposes his bare butt. The soldier spanks the boy with a rope. This is very painful for Marin as it reminds him of the spanking by his father, and of course, it’s painful physically as well.

Next, the soldier removes the shirt and continues to shove his dick into the boy’s mouth. Derek obviously wants to break in this young boy and Martin feels he’s about to give in. The soldier now wants to fuck the boy’s ass. He prepares it with his fingers and licks it. Will he deflower the young virgin boy now? Watch the full video and see for yourself.

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As the name itself implies, Gay War Games follows the stories that happen in a fictional country called Tchukistan. It’s a country completely devastated by war and ripe with all kinds of immoral and hot things, such as soldiers randomly abducting young hot boys and fucking them mercilessly! The soldiers are usually big studly motherfuckers with an excess of testosterone and the boys are willing to take the chance with these abusive army thugs. All the soldiers are properly dressed in military camouflage uniforms and combat boots!


In this video with the naughty boy Billy we explore more of the dirty fuck orgies with Billy and Cole & Hunter. Billy and Cole thought it would be cool to take Billy for some boating fun with their friends. While we were driving back home we found a nice funny little amusement park with go-carts – great fun!

We went back to Boston to chill out and ravage Billy’s ass again. This boy has such an irresistible ass that it defies explanations.

On this day Billy felt very cock hungry and eager to get fucked and suck cock. The fucking was so passionate and aggressive that the bed eventually broke and we had to move to the mattress on the floor!

Billy is usually a romantic type of guy and likes a lot of kissing, but today he was all about fucking. We did kiss for a while and tried to relax his beautiful ass though. Finally he bent over and said we could penetrate him as we wished. As soon as he opened his ass for us there ensued the most hardcore fucking you can imagine! We also forced the cum out of Billy while he was getting fucked.

So all in all, this was a great experience both for us and Billy. It was so hot to watch this until-recently-virgin boy getting his cherry popped (in the previous videos “Virgin Cherry Pop-Gone Camping” and “Virgin Sacrifice”) to a somewhat experienced bottom who craves for more cock.

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Some of you may recognize them from Xtube and MaverickMan222. Hunter and Cole have been in love and lust for over ten years. They love making videos of all the hot, fun times we had together. They take their camera with them everywhere and document their real-life sex-capades together and with other hot guys. They go camping, hiking, clubbing, and traveling all over the place. You name the place, and they whip out their camera and cocks and film it.