Buck and Preston hit it off from the first time that they met. If I didn’t know any better, I might even say that Buck has a man-crush and Preston. As soon as Preston walked in the room, he went over and gave Buck a nice hard slap on the ass.

This was the third meeting for these two so everyone was relaxed and especially turned on by what was about to happen. They were both so anxious that they actually both arrived at the Lake House early. Although he didn’t need any work, Buck showed up more ripped than the week before. What was even more surprising was to see how Preston had changed. He has been getting some sun and hitting the weights hard and it definitely shows.

We had set up a massage table at the Lake House knowing that once Preston started to rub Buck’s hot ripped body, they both would take it from there. Buck stripped down and crawled on the table and lay on his back. Buck couldn’t take his eyes off Preston as he oiled up his body. (Buck loves to be greased up). It was obvious that Buck was ready to roll over on his stomach so that Preston could get at what he was really after.
This had to be one of the easiest films to shoot. As soon as the cameras were turned on, they just went at it. Preston always likes to take control and Buck loves it. He likes to lay back and wait for Preston to tell him what to do. At one point, I had to ask them to slow down because I thought Preston was going to blow his wad to quick.

Buck has one of the hottest asses around and loves to be teased. Preston didn’t disappoint him as he slapped Buck’s ass with his big cock. It doesn’t take much to get Buck going and before you know it he is on his stomach thrusting his ass in the air for Preston to take. After the first scream, Buck was ready for anything. Preston proceeded to fuck him in every position imaginable trying to see just how much Buck could take. After they have worked up a good sweat, both of them shoot big hot creamy loads at the same time. Buck is obviously happy to be covered in cum yet again.

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