Blonde, young, and cute with a nice patch of pubic hair, yup, Hollister can totally be my new toy. He is tall, thin, a little on the quiet side, but has some very flirty blue eyes. On the other side of the spectrum, we have Devin. Devin is loud, aggressive and not shy in any respect. He makes the perfect top to pound Hollister’s little pink bottom. The guys have a heart to heart, Devin shares some of his wisdom with the newbie, while Hollister continues to stare longingly at the broad shouldered hunk sitting next to him.

It is only the second time that Hollister has been on camera, so good old Devin gets to work slowly with a little make-out session. Hollister must have settled in pretty quickly, because his dick is up and at attention immediately. Devin sucks on the twink’s pink pecker until it is nice and hard. Pleased with the outcome, Devin stands and demands the same from Hollister.

This is definitely not the first time Hollister has sucked a dick though. He slurps and gags his way to the base of Devin’s eight inch monster. Our man of action Devin can’t wait any longer and tosses the twink into a fuck-able position. Devin shoves his dick right into Hollister’s pink and goes to town. In and out his cock slides over and over. They fuck all over my lucky couch in every which way. Hollister moans and yelps, Devin does what Devin does best, and completely dominates blondie with his man-stick.

After they are both red in the face huffing and puffing from the work out, Devin climbs onto the back of the casting couch. With both hands around his cock, bellowing at the top of his lungs, calling to his little bitch, Devin dumps a hot straight man’s load all over Hollister’s face. Not one protest escapes from Hollister’s lips, he counters with a nice big squirt of his own all over his flat little stomach. Who says I don’t share? I let Devin play with my new toy for hours, on the condition I get to watch of course.


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