Aiden Tripp is a well built 23 year old who enjoys busting a nut. We could tell during the photos that Aiden loves his cock, because he would not keep his hands off of it! After telling us all about what a fun-loving sexual guy he is, Aiden takes off his shorts and shirt and works up his deliciously thick cock. At six foot three inches tall, Aiden is an imposing figure. Especially once he is jacking his rock hard dick.

Aiden hops onto his knees, and as he strokes his dick, he also rubs his butt. Slowly he moves his hand up to his chest, and he stares momentarily at the camera. Aiden has sexy eyes, and as he gets more into his jerk-off, he looks intently into the lens as if looking for some approval from his audience. We definitely approve! As he gets closer to climax, he lays down comfortably on the bed and plays some more with his dick and balls.

The closer he gets to cumming, the more his legs tremble a bit and his feet tense up along with his thighs. Aiden ends up with a spectacular cum-shot. It somewhat resembles a geyser, and does not stop for many seconds. After that draining experience, Aiden sighs a long breathe of relief. Hot show!


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