Brandon Lewis and Paul Wagner have been living together for quite a while now, casually enjoying the fringe benefits of a friend with benefits. They help each other around the house and are generally supportive of one another. However now that Brandon has got his certification for massage therapy, Paul is suddenly skeptical to be a guinea pig.

Brandon has to convince Paul to get up on his table, but once he does, man is he glad he did. Brandon’s hands are delicate to the touch and can sense Paul’s tightness, immediately soothing his nerves and loosening him up. Paul feels so comfortable that he gets a semi hard on which Brandon also notices, taking it first into his hands, and then into his mouth.

Sucking Paul down to the base, it quickly becomes apparent that this massage has moved into phase 2. Now this is territory Paul is familiar with, so he bends Brandon over and starts tonguing his ass until Brandon is rock hard and ready to fuck. Brandon bends Paul over the massage table and fucks him like crazy, a sweaty oily concoction of grapeseed oil, lube and cum, finally culminating in a sticky frenzy all over Paul’s chest.


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