Sometimes you don’t need any talking. No storyline, no conversation… just two hot guys who can’t wait to get naked and explore each other’s bodies. Lucas Vick has gone from that handsome shy guy with the huge dick that did his first solo with just a hint of nervousness to a guy who walks into the room ready for anything. He’s always so laid back and that makes watching him get laid so much sexier. His recent live shows have been off the wall as he turns on the charm one minute then lets loose with the kind of dirty talk that would make anyone blush, while causing quite a few hardons as well. Then we have Ryan Brody. This is his first video, and blowjob, with another guy and he was more than ready for it. The minute I got him and Lucas in the same room it was all I could do to keep them apart until we got the cameras rolling. Ryan’s got the kind of body that you just want to lick all over. His smooth caramel colored skin, adorable features and huge piece of manmeat just make your mouth water. And while I know that putting anyone with Lucas would make for a super hot video, because Lucas is just that good, seeing him go down on Ryan was something else. He worked that cock for all it was worth and then some. And Ryan was so cute, testing the waters to see what he could get away with. He tentatively puts his hands on Lucas’ head while he’s sucking his aching erection. Not sure how rough or gentle he needs to be, or how wild he can get. But once things were moving along Ryan was able to relax, and after a while he was jamming his cock down Lucas’ eager throat like a pro. And by the end he was more than willing to spray his seed all over Lucas’ furry chest.

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