These two hotties return to All-American Heroes for some marine on cop action in their first encounter. Before we can even get the video playing for them, the chemistry starts to flow between Christian and Aidyn.

When the action first starts, Christian and Aidyn slowly start to massage their ample packages through their clothes. But, it’s not long before Aidyn whips out his monster cock. Christian follows suit shortly and they are both happily stroking away. Being the helpful public servant that he is, Christian reaches over to give Aidyn a helping hand. Not to be outdone in the volunteer deparment, Aidyn grabs ahold of Christian’s stiff meat.

Once they’ve had a bit of jerk swapping, Christian leans over and starts to swallow the marine’s thick cock–all the while working his own dick.

That’s not enough for Christian and he decides to sit his tight ass down on Aidyn’s waiting manhood. He starts off moving up and down the girthy shaft slowly. But once he’s mastered it, he starts to bounce faster and faster.

Finally, the patrolman gets bent over doggie style and the marine bangs him until he blows his creamy load all over the cop’s face

Click here to watch the whole movie!

Click here to watch the whole movie – these two uniformed studs are so damn hot!

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