Jeremy Walker Fucks Kevin Falk


There is something powerful when two really massive hunks do each other. I mean, look at Jeremy Walker – he’s such a huge hunk with large muscled body which is prefectly sculpted. And then you have Kevin Falk, the eastern European stud, who captivates you with the mix of his totally masculine fisique and pleasant almost boyish face.

Jeremy is totally straight, we know that. However, as many straight guys, Jeremy finds out for the first tim that getting a nice good blowjob from Kevin is something no female can ever match. And it shows he really enjoys getting head from a man.

Kevin is all too pleased to have such a fabulous peace of manmeat in his mouth.

Jeremy then starts fucking Kevin, quite hard I can tell, and we can enjoy looking at these two massive bodies moving rythmically towards the orgasmic grand finale.



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  • jeff

    I would love to invite Jeremy into my big pile of puffy sleeping bags for some fucking and jacking off. I would lie on his back into the bag pile and ride him while he fucking the inside sleeping bag liner and we could cum together. We would do this on my king-size waterbed watching hot muscle gay porn on my wide screen TV.

  • admin

    I totally agree with you. Jeremy is a gorgeous man.

    Thank you for your comment.

  • Take me on!

    I would really love to have sex with both of them. I mean, Jeremy is big and I think you can do any possible sex position (even lifts while he fucks you) you can imagine, and I just loooooove Kevin’s pecs. I can still imagine him fucking Leo Giamani, while they zoom in on his pecs. He totally turns me on and I think I will have an orgasm as soon as he undresses himself. My favourite sex position with them? Any, if only they have their thick dicks inside me and my legs are in the air. God I think I need some toilet paper now.